# h1 compute vm connect open

Open compute/vm.connect

# Synopsis

$ h1 compute vm connect open <options>

# Description

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# Example

# Simple

h1 compute vm connect open \ 
	--connect 5f918e1aa828daa954b4579c \ 
	--vm 5f577a24494c5cfdec7830e5 \ 
	--project 5f64e2468c71177993874510

# Operation options

Option name Description
--connect {id-or-uri} connectId
--vm {id-or-uri} Vm Id
--location {id-or-uri} Location Id. Default value is pl-waw-1
--project {id-or-uri} Project Id
--protocol {http, ws} Connect protocol. Default value is http
--skeleton Display intermediary representation of operation

# Common options

Option name Description
--help Show help message and exit.
--verbose Make the operation more talkative.
--o, --output {tsv,list,json,js,id,uri,yaml} Specify output format of command. Default value is yaml
--query {query} JMESPath query string
--passport-file {path} Passport file. Default value is ~/.h1/passport.json, if available.
--as {uri} Act as another actor eg. service account
--no-wait In case of queued event do not wait for completion
--v, --version Show version and exit.

# Parent commands

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